The media that influences the people in what was the world’s most powerful nation have over 300 million reasons to lie to you every day. We screwed up by trusting them for so many years and now our children’s future is gone because they continue to lie to the public every day. How Many of your know about the Great Reset? It was the most important news story in 2020. Look it up and start reading so you can find out what a few old Europeans stuck in their old hateful ways already decided for every child’s future.

How many people will die in this global war? Why do the same people who claim to care about nature want everyone to inject substances manufactured in facility full of chemicals? Why are they screaming at us frantically telling us we need to get vaccinated? These are the same people who say human population needs to get reduced so why do they feel so strongly about these “vaccines” if they think there are to many people? Isn’t COVID-19 natures way to save itself from us? The “nature” loving people should be against the vaccine because the jab counteracts natures way to heal itself.

They have me so confused can someone explain?

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