I don’t see any leaders anywhere right now. I see people who say they are leaders but they do not lead people they harm them. Government leaders, business leaders and community leaders. We need you to speak loudly now!

The Rulers think there are to many people because they are not able to control all of us like they did in the past so they made a decision to kill over 8 billion of us. They meticulously worked towards this day we are all witnessing right now. The people who planned this attack have unlimited funding to pay people work against societies all over the world.

GLOBAL CONTROLLERS TRAINING PEOPLE – Our “World Leaders” understand people are trainable just like dogs & livestock. They treat us like we are their livestock which is why they don’t care to listen to any of our concerns or needs. The people at the top control global finance today and they are working towards controlling education, medicine & living arrangements globally. This group wants so much control they plan to dictate what all of us eat in the near future.

CLIMATE CHANGE GLOBAL WAR – Many people think politicians and other influencers are talking about environmental issues when they say CLIMATE CHANGE. Every person needs to read the multiple definitions of the word CLIMATE just to make sure all of us understand how this word can be used. The word “CLIMATE” is a politicians dream word because they can use language arts to say things truthfully knowing the people they are speaking to do not understand they are speaking about a different topic all together. The CLIMATE CHANGE POLITICIAL MOVEMENT was never about the environment it was about CONTROL of all of the natural environment because the people who started pushing this political agenda believe they were born to rule the rule so they view the idea of America as a threat because they don’t want any individual person to control their own life.

GLOBAL CONTROLLERS – Rulers dictate society right now using their influencers that brainwashed all of us for at least over 50 years. The truth is global controllers ALWAYS controlled the content of the media we are allowed to see because they always have access to the newest best technologies that give them an advantage over the rest of us. Uneducated uninformed citizens is what AMERICAN ENEMIES want! Do you think our public educational system is doing a good job? Why do politicians & some teachers send their children to private schools? They are working against freedom because they were brainwashed to not believe in themselves & to submit to the orders of foreign rulers who want to dictate everyone everywhere.


We can’t ignore this threat to our lives & our children’s future because the consequences are to severe. Please do not dismiss what I am sharing because it is important information you want to know.

The United States of America always had enemies that wanted to destroy our sovereign great nation because our freedom threatens the Europeans Ruling Class’s position over all other people. They always had more money & power and they did send people over here to subvert our nation so they could get control of our land & resources. Please do not believe their lies and open your mind because all of us were lied to for a very long time. no American knows the truth because lying dishonest people run our country and these liars who are loyal to the British Crown took control of key positions a very long time ago.

The Education Americans received in Public Schools was substandard in inadequate for the worlds most powerful nation. That is evidence that our leaders did not care about the success of this nation for a long period of time. They slowly changed things hoping to not get to many people upset at the same time. Our Children stopped saying the pledge of allegiance in schools and they were told even more lies about our nation that we were told. The truth is no one knows the truth about history because history is written by the winners so all of the stories about history that we learn are biased.

If you pay attention you will see there is a coordinated effort to rewrite American history again by writing false stories & propaganda about current events. The way our media reports information does matter even if we know they are lying because other people reading it will not understand how one sided the stories are told. Americans will be remembered the same way we remember Hitler. so decide now if you agree with that narrative and speak up if you don’t.

This nation was attacked by a foreign group of very powerful people for at least 100 years. The Bahai used subversion tactics against us that worked and today the people in America are confused and angry because they do not know what to do. The first think you need to do is talk about it because failure to speak up up right now will prevent anyone from having the right to speak again in the future.

The people that are attacking us are the same people that started all of the problems in Europe 100 years ago. If you don’t want to be a victim of these war games please get informed and take action while you can.

The radicalized criminal global terrorist organization that took over our country is extremely dangerous. They are well funded & have enormous resources all over the planet which is why it is critical for all people to talk about this right now.

Subversion is done in many ways and one of the effective methods is when foreign agents take over businesses & regulations while you work so the work place is the best place American Citizens can unite & fight back against this You need to ask your employer where they stand & if you do not like their answer tell them why and if they tell you they will not support freedom leave because you are free to do so.

Many businesses in the United States of America are prepared for this change because they know and agreed to changing the system to one where the Executives rule over the people. The new Stakeholder Capitalism System Klaus Schwab pushes takes away all rights from the individual citizen so you need to decide how important your rights are to you and if you want children to have rights when & if they grow up in this new world. Make sure you understand what they are selling before you think you want it because Governments and People in general will tell you a much better sounding story than what they will deliver so expect less than promised and expect not to like it. If they had something good for society it wouldn’t be a big fucking secret now would it?

The Government or People in charge plan on seizing all private property from everyone so do not be concerned about short term financial security when making decisions right now because they plan on destroying all Americans one by one. You watched them destroy small business owners last year while you did nothing to help so trust me when I say all of us will get a turn including the useful idiots who helped them subvert our nation. The people in charge don’t care about any of us and they will treat all of us equally just like they told you they would so why would any of you expect to get treated any better than the person the media demonizes on tv. If you are not secure in your position at a higher level you are scum like the rest of us. These useful idiots can be well educated professionals who believe they will get put with a special VIP group that is treated better than the conservative Christian this group appears to be targeting. YOU WILL ALL GET TREATED THE SAME.

OSHA regulations come from the CDC and the CDC gets them from the United Nations and the group of people attacking us right now controls the United Nations so stop complying with rules & regulations and only work for people who respect freedom of individuals over their own ability to get loans in the future which was one of the strong arm tactics they used during negotiations with corporations that sold out their employees.

WELL Building Institute is what your work life will be like in the near future so go check out their website & look at who started the company and how long ago because the timing of this business and COVID-19 are just another convenient thing that happened that benefited the wealthy people that started this business that will enforce vaccine mandates soon.

If your employer tries to normalize getting vaccinations at work or promotes telehealth they are probably compromised and know exactly what is happening right now so you need to talk to them and don’t let them tell you they don’t want to discuss it.

The World Economic Forum is the control center for the Great Reset. They have a lot of information posted about everything the media talks about so skip the media and visit their website daily to see what they are posting information about. If you do it long enough you will notice patterns of them publishing articles about upcoming crisis before they happen. If a major event does happen they quickly publish information that is full of information . They published a very technical information about the pipeline problem a few months ago. Three different people contributed to writing it right away. so it’s amazing how these professionals who work in different Industries are so willing to drop what they are doing so they can collaborate to publish their opinion about our problems in America.

The World Economic Forum partnered with Price Waterhouse Cooper to influence businesses all over the world to agree to the great reset so if your company works with PWC they might be compromised.

The Freedom for our children is the most important thing to all of us so please treat it as such. If you work in an industry that can be dangerous to our country please pay attention and learn who you work with and watch what they do because unfortunately our Country is full of Professionals who are working in a coordinated manner with this extremely dangerous global criminal religious group that is in the process of stealing all property & individual rights from every person on the planet.