Kate Brown, Biden, Wyden, Merkley, Rosenblum, Rubio and numerous other politicians in BOTH parties promote, protect and support the BAHAI plans to conquer all people globally.

BAHAI was acknowledged by Queen Victoria after she received a letter from the founder. This letter complimented the BRITISH STYLE OF GOVERNANCE saying it was ideal for a one world government.

IRAN claims the religion is FAKE. They claim the British Military Intelligence invented this religion to use a a social engineering tool to use as a tool to create social chaos and division in the MIDDLE EAST.

The Iranian Government claims only JEWISH people converted to this new fake religion. I noticed a pattern that suggests they do conduct themselves in the same style and theme as Jewish people. BAHAI invented a special word to describe discrimination against them. ANTIBAHAISM is their special word they invented so they could draw attention when they scream”persecution” or “I am a victim” anytime someone defends themselves against BAHAI criminal actions of SUBVERSION. This group will succeed in conquering the world if the majority of people refuse to talk honestly about this extremely dangerous threat all people are facing.

There are NO SUBJECTS that are “off limits” because WE WILL SPEAK LOUDLY about any group threatening our nation’s children.


Many JEWISH & BAHAI families send their children to summer camps that train them to be social justice activists.


Why aren’t they concerned with government intrusion or “MY BODY MY CHOICE?”

Bahai are CLIMATE CHANGE social justice activists who are misanthropic so who would they ever support any medical intervention that could save our extend lives?

They want reduce human population so what is their real motive for supporting and promoting dangerous substances the government liars are pushing?

Way to many things just don’t make any sense and none of them will talk.


I decided to create this site so I could share information with other people because all of us deserve to know the truth. I spend all of my time reading reports published by the groups and organizations I talk about. I lost my job and financial security because criminals who wilfully participate in subversion attacked our nation and people.

We are the target of a global conspiracy that is very real it is not a THEORY. Most of the people who work in our government or other influential positions are conditioned to believe they can accuse anyone that questions their motives and participation in this global conspiracy as crazy people spreading “conspiracy theories” because we allowed them to get away with that for so many years. The TRUTH is the REAL DOMESTIC TERRORISTS work in influential administrative or other positions in the public and private sector. The real domestic terrorists that are extremely dangerous traitors to our nation and people wear business casual. They are the people who act and look trustworthy. There is an enormous amount of REAL EVIDENCE about the safety of COVID-19 “jabs” they want to “shoot in arms”that” would make most people stop say WTF if they knew what the numerous medical professionals who are NOT paid by government say. The actions of influencers working to encourage everyone to take these jabs are criminal  because participation in seditious conspiracy knowing people will die because of their actions is STILL A CRIME in this country. The problem we are dealing with is our judicial system is severely compromised. ATTORNEY GENERALS formed alliances that meet regularly to discuss their response to the publics concerns about the crimes committed against the people. These alliances have both foreign and domestic criminals that are members. They have NO EXCUSE for allowing criminals who work in EVERY LEVEL OF GOV to continue this lie and their work to try to normalize this. Listen to what they say because all of them repeat the same BS because all of them are dishonest actors who work to promote a theme.


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