Bahai Religion

What is the end game of the Bahai religion? This is the fastest growing religion on earth. They promote environmental issues and climate change because they claim to care about the planet. This religion recruited millions of devoted followers who are now misanthropic people who justify genocide claiming they Saving the planet from all of us.

I believe this is all just a lie that was invented by the British Monarchy because it is just one more ideological tool they used to control people all over the world.

They train all of us like we are their livestock to herd and control.

The “DEEP STATE”means loyal to the BRITISH MONARCHY that wants full control of everything on earth.

The Bahai works with the United Nations to get control of the world.

They act like they control the UN.

People need to look at the evidence from a neutral 3rd party position. I think it is very reasonable to consider COVID is a tactic used by the British against all people globally. They told us they would take over our country after we won the Revolutionary War. They obviously put an enormous amount of effort into creating and deploying their new fake religion BAHAI.

They recruited a world of dedicated loyal climate change supporters and they influence education. They train us to do what they want.

They can make up any story and instruct their academic liars and influencers at their Royal Societies to train us to do whatever.

Climate change is war strategy. They deployed economic attacks against us during the last 100 years.

Bad trade deals and the Central Banks stole our wealth and sense of pride. They played us for a very long time.

Why didn’t anyone in CONGRESS talk about the GREAT RESET that they officially sponsor?

The British Monarchy always controlled global propaganda because they always controlled the motion picture industry. They lied to us about many things and today they instructed the writers of history to tell people in the future we are the new Hitler.


Nanotechnologies to eliminate poverty.

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