The Bahai religion is the fastest growing religion on earth. This new religion was founded by a person in Iran who claimed to be a prophet of god.

The British/ Bahai version of history says the founder wrote letters to all of the world leaders. He complimented the British style of governance in one of these letters. He told Queen Victoria the British style of governance was ideal for a ONE WORLD ORDER.

The Iranian version of history says this religion is a fake religion invented by British Military Intelligence during one of the many times the British tried to conquer Iran.

Today the Bahai religion is the source of many conflicts in the Middle East.

Iran claims this religion works on subversion in their country. They tried to warn the international community about them at one of the conferences held by the United Nations. Most people at the conference ignored the warnings because Bahai influence dictates many UN agendas and policies.

Iran banned people who are members of the Bahai Faith from working in influential positions like government and education. They arrest people who are members of this religion if they commit crimes like subversion. The United Nations responds to the arrests of Bahai in Iran by accusing the Iranian government of violating human rights.

Iranians know this religion was created by the British but now they say it is controlled and protected by the Americans.

Bahai helped create the League of Nations and the United Nations. Elenor Roosevelt was a member of this faith. Bahai came to America in the late 1800’s and immediately formed groups to support social justice activism.

Bahai encouraged their children to focus on careers in Government, Education, Media and any other influential position like Health Care. Many of them own businesses in the United States.

Bahai is the NEW WORLD ORDER George Bush told us about. They are also Prince Charles CLIMATE CHANGE promoters who managed to recruit millions of supporters all over the world and many of them are now so misanthropic they justify genocide claiming they are SAVING THE PLANET FROM CLIMATE CHANGE.

Iran said only Jewish people converted to this new religion.

In the United States H.J. RES.104 is to designate March 26th 1991 as “education day, USA. This public law is the Jewish Noahide Laws. George Bush made Jewish Noahide Laws the Law in the United States when he was president in the early 1990’s. Experts in the Jewish Noahide Laws say this gives the United States Government the authority to execute most Americans because most of us are guilty of violating one or more of these very strict laws.

Today the Bahai are working with the United Nations using many Bahai CLUSTERS in the United States to conquer our nation.

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