All Americans need to thoroughly investigate the candidates they vote for in this next election because BOTH PARTIES are FULL OF TRAITIRS to our nation.

The media can’t be trusted because they showed us they are more concerned about social justice issues and other nonsense designed to distract the people from the real threats NONE OF THEM tell us about.

The British Monarchy is attacking everyone else because they want the GLOBAL DICTARORSHIP they worked hard for several centuries to get control of.

They were the WORLD SUPERPOWER 100 years ago and today the only thing that changed was our perception because they used our people to get what they wanted without placing a target on their little island.

All of the senseless wars were fought for their interests but no one ever told us that was why we sent our people overseas to die in senseless wars.

Today this nation is full of MODERN USEFUL IDIOTS who are loyal to the British Monarchy. They are Politicians, Teachers, Lawyers, Judges, Legislators, Doctors, Professors, City Administrators and Police Officers.

The British Monarchy controls numerous groups in our country that actively worked on subversion during the last 50+ years.

Every American needs to watch this video WITH their children because Yuri Bezmenov explain what is happening in our country.


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