The Bahai Religion is where all of the far left politicis that don’t make sense originate from. We hear politicians repeating the same statements as if they all got the same marching orders from someone. Everyone needs to look into this group so you can get familiar with their publications because it does affect you. This group came to the United States over 100 years ago on a mission to practice subversion of our nation.

The British/Bahai version of history says this new religion was started by a man called the Bab who was described as a humble young merchant. This movement spread through Persia where a man named Baháʼu’lláh became a devoted follower. Baháʼu’lláh claimed to be a decendant of the Sasanian Dynasty & his wife claimed to be a decendant of Abraham. He wrote letters to world leaders in the mid 1800’s & Queen Vcitoria responed to his letter. He also complimented the Britsh style of governance in one of the letters he wrote to Queen Victoria.

The Iranian Government remembers these events a little differently from the BAHAI/ENGLISH version we learn about. They say this religon is based on lies during a time the British Empire was trying to divide the people in Iran because they wanted to conquer this nation. Iran says this was a British Military Intelligence operation designed to cause social chaos & disruption in Iran. The Iranian government tried to warn the international community about the BAHAI at the United Nations in the 1980’s. The Bahai already controlled the United States Government when Iran tried to warn other countries so no action was taken in the United States.

The Bahai created the League of Nations & the United Nations. This is where all of the bizarre gender obsessed sexually confused social justice environmental racism the United Nations inserts into every topic they talk about. All of the politicians who repeat the same nonsense are repeating BAHAI LIES. I beleive the BAHAI are nothing more than one of the BRITISH SUBVERSION teams that were actively working to cause social chaos & disruption in the United States. The devoted followers in the United States are fed a bunch of nonsense from their leaders. How many of them understand most if the writings in this new religion were never translated to English? They have no idea what their religion is because the information controllers only allow them to see what benefits the people in charge.

The Bahai religion is where climate change poltics started a long time ago. The BAHAI GLOBAL CRUSADES was a large event in the 1950’s & today we call it THE NEW WORLD ORDER.

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