Queen Victoria acknowledged the Bahai Religion 150 years ago during a time they were in conflicts with Russia & Iran because the British Empire wanted control of Iran because they wanted full control of the trade route to their colonies in India. Iran never officially recognized this new faith that supposedly started in their country because they say it was a special military operation the British created to divide people & create more social chaos. Today Iran still doesn’t recognize the Bahai Religion because they know this group is a dangerous international terrorist organization that is determined to take over the world. Iran does not allow anyone from this group to work in any influential position like government, education or medicine because they know these people want to take over their country. Iran tried to warn the international community about this group in the 1980’s saying they are taking over countries all over the world using subversion. The BAHAI already controlled the United States Government at this time so there was no mention of it to the public from government officials or the media that is controlled by the same people who control the Bahai.

The Bahai came to America over 100 years ago to work systematically taking control of our educational system, business, financial & government because they work for foreign enemies of our nation that are loyal to the British Monarchy.

Before the Bahai came to American they started the LEAGUE OF NATIONS. The League of Nations was dissolved & the United Nations was formed to take it’s place by the same people. The same group that wanted to control everything internationally controlled the International Telecommunication Union & the the Universal Post Office which are now both specialized United Nations agencies. The people that control this group took control of the United States in the early 1900’s. They used our educational system to fill our children’s head with lies that supported their global agenda. They made us think we were the most powerful country on earth but didn’t tell us who was in control of all of the wealth & power. These thieves proceeded to increase taxes & create more & more regulations because they were conditioning us to allow them to control us while they stole our money to fund their never ending global wars they started calling UNITED NATIONS PEACELKEEPING MISSIONS. It was always war to intimidate people all over the world who they eventually got to commit to selling out the people in their own country all to support the British Monarchy.

I strongly encourage everyone to spend a few hours researching this group because you will not like what you see if you believe in freedom & honesty. I added a few links below to check out.

In the 1950’s the Bahai were working on their GLOBAL CRUSADE.

Today the United States Government & the Media keeps repeating the new history they plan to teach future generations. Americans will be remembered as terrible racist people that terrorized nations all over the world. They will blame us for every unpopular action the United Nations took in recent years.


The author of the article “WHAT IS AMERICA’S SPIRITUAL DESTINY” is a person that is writing the American history in a way that demonizes us. He fails to mention the global conspiracy that the 1% he bows to deployed against people all over the world. The average American is dangerously uninformed now & they were at every point during the last 100 years. These games people play are disgusting & extremely dangerous. What is his goal? Does Rodney Richards want his grandchildren to live in a peaceful world or does he want them to be confined to a dictatorship where all decisions will be made for them in the near future.

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