USA VETS 4 FREEDOM is a new organization that works to expose the real lies traitors who work in every industry don’t want anyone talking about. It is critical for Americans to GET INFORMED so they can INFORM OTHERS because our children will NOT experience any freedom in the near future. 


We are looking for volunteers to work with us to share this critical information because WE THE PEOPLE need to CHANGE THE NATIONAL CONVERSATION to topics they work hard to distract us from. 


USA VETS 4 FREEDOM has a goal to hire people in every state to work on ANTI-SUBVERSION activities because that is what our nation needs ASAP. 


I started this organization after spending several thousand hours researching what is going on. The problem is urgent so we must figure out more effective ways to communicate ASAP if we are serious about defeating our enemy. 


I am looking for a like minded motivated person who has experience in building websites to join me because I have no prior experience creating websites. This will be a volunteer position to start with but I expect to be able to hire someone to work with me full time in the near future. All donations will be used to support this mission & they will help us expand.  I have experience in project management & analysis & right now I want to build a great team of people to work on this critical mission. 


If you want to join this mission please contact me at the email address listed below. I am willing to partner with the right person who can help me grow this organization. This mission is about FREEDOM it is NOT about short term financial gains. ALL donations & future revenue will be used to expand into other regions because this needs to be a global operation. 


You can contact me at 


No one knows what the solution to our complex problems is but I know all of us collaborating & SPEAKING THE TRUTH gives us a better chance of figuring out how to win this global war.


get informed

Listen to what other people say when engaging in conversations because our ability to communicate well is critical. Remember it is OK to disagree with other people. The MEDIA instigated this FAKE LEFT vs RIGHT war in our country. 

The REAL DIVISION in the United States is NOT between DEMOCRATS & REPUBLICANS it is between AMERICANS who believe in FREEDOM & the small percentage of people who support UNITED NATIONS BAHAI NEW WORLD ORDER to support THE BRITISH MONARCHY GLOBAL DICTATORSHIP. 

The small minority that works with foreign enemies of freedom are loud & powerful but they ARE NOT BETTER or more capable of winning than we are. 

The only way AMERICAN FREEDOM will lose is if the PEOPLE decide to comply & NOT take action. The most important thing everyone can do right now is get informed & SPEAK!

There are so many issues that are a problem right now it can make things seem overwhelming & hard to understand but the reality of what is happening is more plausible than the lies we were told. 

I know I do not know everything about what is happening but I do know I know enough to be valuable to anyone that wants to learn more about our situation. 

I am a concerned parent who lost my job due to a complex situation directly caused by COVID-19. I am an analytical person who has experience working in an industry & position that helped me meet & network with people all over the country. I truly believe the BATTLEFIELD is in the WORK PLACE because most of our business leasers were corrupted by the UN PRINCE CHARLES CLIMATE CHANGE LIES that they invented to support WAR STRATEGIES. 

I am available to provide information to anyone that is interested in learning more about the numerous topics I spent over 5,000 hours researching recently. 

The one thing I ask everyone is to keep an open mind & be prepared to learn things you disagree with or don’t believe is true because it contradicts what you learned earlier in life. 

They lied to all of us for a very long time so we need to get informed & take action ASAP!

speak loudly sharing information

The information war in the United States is real & extremely dangerous because the FACT that our elected “leaders” willfully chose to prevent the public from learning all sides of the COVID-19 story caused people to die. 

The INFORMATION CONTROLLERS in the United States are criminals in my opinion because I believe they are willful participants in subversion, seditious conspiracies & treason. 

Some of the information we learn during this process will be extremely disturbing so please be prepared for that. 

No matter what you learn you need to ask yourself what is the most important thing to do right now. Do you want to be that person in the movie who gets shot & just lays down & dies or do you want to be the hero who keeps fighting until the very end because you have a purpose to help everyone else achieve a victory against these criminals who did attack the people living in our country. You want to be the person who does not quit because you refuse to let these MFRS win!

The 9-11 report concluded “FAILURE TO IMAGINE” was the main reason we failed to prevent the attacks. They lied about that also & the attacks on 9-11 are related to the attacks right now. 

IMAGINE how you will feel when reflecting about your life because every action does matter right now. It is critical for everyone to stay peaceful because it is not in our interests to instigate a well armed enemy who is eagerly waiting for one of us to make a mistake because they want to hit us hard to send a clear message & it justifies the lies they keep repeating about us as they write our history. 


high school students

The GLOBALIST published numerous reports about how our teenagers & children are depressed after the COVID-19 experience. I find this to be extremely irritating because I know the people who planned all of this are targeting our children. They knew the COVID-19 lockdowns would make people especially our children depressed. This whole thing is a well organized attack that they planned for at least 30 years. I am not impressed & I am sure depressed high school students would get very upset if they understood this was intentional & targeted at them. I say FIGHT BACK!

Teenagers are not STUPID so I expect many of them have a good idea the world is really messed up right now & their future is on the line. 

There are numerous reasons for them to feel anxiety & stress right now but sending them to therapists or doing what the “OFFICIALS” suggest is the wrong way to support them because they DO NOT need to be coddled right now. 

I think we should  immediately recruit all willing High School students to help us fight in this critically important information war.

They already communicate using various methods daily & they are probably more capable of thinking of new ways to inform more people quickly than most adults. Why not recruit them to help us because the nation needs everyone to participate?

The goal is not to fight or argue it is to learn more about the situation & share the information learned with other people. 

They can also write letters to congress & other elected officials to demand some answers. 

One of the tactics America’s enemies use is instructing their people who practice ANTIAMERICANISM to write letters to congress. This is how they justify the BS legislation they push through. We need to counter them & I think if we could encourage high school students across the country to participate in this effort it would be very effective. They would get our side on RECORD so the criminals in GOV can’t say they have overwhelming support for the BS very few support. This would also make anyone that does participate feel like they are making a difference in this war. I think it is a better idea than doing their normal routine while watching their country & future fail right in front of them. 

I know some of them would feel empowered by participating in a program like this & that is what they really need right now. 

Winning this war is more important than anything they are studying in school because if the globalists win their lives will be 100% controlled in the near future. 

Their FREEDOM in the FUTURE MATTERS so encourage them to FIGHT FOR IT NOW!

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