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Please make a donation if you are able to because I lost my job due to a COVID-19 related event that is not covered by my insurance or unemployment. The media lies to all of us daily so I spend my time researching current events by reading publications from several organizations. I was forced to make a choice between receiving needed medical care or stand up for my rights earlier this year. I chose to stand up for my rights because I read what they plan to do to our children in the future so I will never comply to this tyranny that so many people are going along with. My daughter is more important to me than my short term financial security and I know if every parent in this country knew what I read they would all quit their jobs tomorrow so they could work full time trying to stop this.

Do not say it is over until it is. If you don’t change your actions we probably will not win so think about the reason you do anything. Money is a tool used to control all of us which is why our controllers will win. The British Monarchy is the worlds enemy. They work with people they influenced in to supporting them. The Bahai new religion & climate change politics are both British tactics in this global was that never ends. The British control the media & entertainment industries because they always controlled the technology. They polluted our minds with their American hating subversion tactics for years. There are millions of people in our country that are working against all of us so you must demand everyone you declare what side they are on. This is no longer DEMS vs REPS this is FREEDOM or SERVITUDE. The people who support overthrowing the United States are cowards who are helping a group that murdered hundreds of millions in recent history. Look at their actions don’t react the words the language arts experts say because they lie to.

This country needs thousands of you to quit your job and help the few in Washington save our country. People all over the world are getting murdered or enslaved right now. Please help any way you can even if you don’t contact me please learn more, start speaking out now & help the people in your community by standing up for yourself. Americans are looking for leaders at every level in society so it doesn’t matter what you do or how much money you make because people will notice brave actions now. People want to see you be brave because they want someone to follow.

If one of the BAHAI domestic terrorists verbally attacks you about the vaccine don’t defend yourself immediately go on the offense using ideologies build on a solid platform they established for many years. Tell them you are saving the planet and accuse them of being anti nature planet killing destroyers and own it because you are telling the truth. It makes no sense for all of these people to want others to take medicine. Their actions tell me to stay far away from whatever it is.

Your contribution is appreciated.

Your contribution is appreciated.

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The Department of Homeland Security met with Congress today. The meeting went on for several hours and many people testified. The people in charge of protecting our national security are not interested in protecting American Citizens they are interested in continuing their own radical religious agenda that the majority of Americans do not agree with. The jab is not safe and their interest in everyone getting should alarm people because the same people ignore other serious health risks and they never acted like they cared before. COP26 is DANGEROUS because this is where the international terrorists meet. This sophisticated global criminal group planned this for at least 75 years. The United Nations was never on PEACE MISSIONS they were always getting more and more control. They said they would use science to get control a long time ago. The “educators” they controlled influenced several generations into learning the corrupt weaponized science they need to use as a tool to harm people all over the world. This was always about control not the environment or health care. The United States Government is aware about the heated debate between professionals who know how dangerous 5G technology is but they still allow telecommunications companies to assault all of us daily with pollution they know will harm & kill people because that is what happened in animal studies. The CDC reported a 10% increase in children diagnosed with autism in 2020 so now 1 in every 54 children in the United States is diagnosed with this terrible disease. Where is the outrage? Why aren’t our leaders who are so concerned about our health telling us about all of the children who are now poisoned by something that must be in our environment or medical services most of us get. Their actions do match the rhetoric because they are all dishonest liars or they are uninformed.

My warning to all of the useful idiots who participated in the subversion of our great nation is you will get treated equally just like your master told you so do not expect any special rescue vehicle to come pick you up. There are no participation awards for the cowards who betrayed their nation and themselves.

This country welcomes all people of any religion to live in peacefully. The BAHAI is a newer religion that recruited followers all over the world but many of the followers do not understand the true intentions of this religious group they follow. The group looks great on the surface but it gets worse & more threatening when you learn more about them. I am asking everyone who is part of this group to reflect and ask yourself why you support them. Are you looking for community and a group that makes you feel welcome which is the same reason people join violent gangs? The reason is the same and violence is violence no matter who is responsible. The level of education or the position in society individuals hold does not justify violence for any reason. Dangerous criminals are criminals and this group is controlled by the worlds most dangerous criminals who hide behind the illusion of authority over people because they work in Government. People will not put up with criminals who think they can pass laws to persecute people who oppose their tyranny. Please reflect and ask yourself if you really support the worlds most deadly criminals this planet has ever seen. Do not let your own ego or stubborn nature to prevent you from making the right decision because support of the Bahai terrorists group is criminal in my opinion. Iran prohibits these people from working in Public Office, Education, Medical and other influential positions because they know how dangerous they are. These people control our media & information the public sees because the British Royal Family always greatly influenced the Entertainment & Media Organizations because Queen Victoria took control of the industry as soon as motion pictures were invented. The powerful murderers never changed the perception of the people they want to victimize is the only thing that changed. They BRAINWASHED all of us so its time all us us reflect and speak while you still can.



The BAHAI is a newer religion that they used to subvert & attack us & people all over the world! Right now they are destroying our reputation all over the world because they need to keep these non stop wars going so they can justify their own superior position.

Today they critical parts of our government & military. Anyone that promotes left bullshit now is probably compromised. They used media to write the story of a civil war to prepare for this. They lied to all of us and very few really support this hostile takeover. If you do think you support it spend a few hours or days learning about the plans they made for your child’s future. These people are mentally ill! They don’t believe in freedom or your country!



The United States Department of Health & Human Services started a ten year program they called the National Vaccine Plan in 2010. What was this program for & what did they accomplish with the program? I want to know because I suspect this program is directly related to our current problem and the problems in India several years ago.

Americans need to accept the reality we are living in and acknowledge all of us were lied to about many things for a long time.

Criminals who work for foreign terrorist organizations took over key positions in our government a long time ago. This well connected international criminal organization controls global financial systems & the United Nations. The United Nations was never on PEACE KEEPING MISSIONS! It was all propaganda to keep the uninformed Americans calm while they were distracted by other propaganda all of us were exposed to during our lifetime. These criminals lied to all of us & they stole the wealth we produced with our labors to fund their global wars. If Americans do not care to learn more about what happened & what they can do now to stop it we deserve what is coming to us very soon.

Americans always had a duty to give a shit about the freedom people fought & died for so we could live the way we do. Some people complain about their lives because they lack the imagination to wonder what someone else’s life is like or was like in the past. The truth is the poor American citizens has an easier life than most people that ever lived on earth but they forgot to appreciate what they do have so they don’t care to protect it from the thieves that always wanted to steal everything from them.

I know ALL PARENTS would immediately stop everything they are doing if they knew what a few psychopaths planned for their children’s life in the near future.

The GLOBAL CRIMINAL GROUP that fucked up our country & way of life is stepping closer to the end of this war every day and they are winning. This will NOT GET BETTER unless Americans get informed & get involved.

I will continue to repeat the best place for each individual AMERICAN to fight back is in the workplace because the workplace was targeted by our enemies long ago. They created the labor Unions to pollute our people & reshape their opinion about individual rights & free will. FREEDOM of the individual person is very threatening to a few people who were born into power because they know they are not the person in the world so they will do everything in their power to ensure true equality of all people is never a reality that comes true. These people are manipulative and extremely wealthy so they have the tools & resources to fuck with anything they target & the United States of America was targeted by these insecure primitive psychopaths a long time ago. They despise your freedom and they worked very hard to get to this day.

The World Economic Forum partnered with Price Waterhouse Cooper approximately 20 years ago for the purpose to negotiate with corporations all over the world. The goal of these negotiations was to increase the damage of the economic attacks against the free people who lived in America and other places around the world. The back story to this is complex because the politicized climate change social engineering military tactic deserves it’s own article because it is a complex topic. This was and still is a strategy used in the long term war our enemies have been fighting against us since our nation was founded.

The WEF & PWC worked hard in negotiations to convince the owners & executives of corporations all over the world to sell the workers freedom for the right to secure loans & participate in the financial systems of the future. These global systems are based on the United Nations SDG’s & ESG’s which is also a military strategy created by the people who live to play the long term war games that never stop. We need to look at the creators & strategists for this current war because their plans that create social disruption & chaos were created to distract you while they steal everything from you including your life and the life of your children in the future.

The ART OF WAR is happening right now and the work and strategies deployed are of the finest quality the world has ever seen. The covert methods and grand deception are truly magnificent to see get executed by the few who created it. These people who control the global financial systems also control the media. I know many people will refuse to believe what I say is true because that is human nature and our Government officials know this very well.

People are easy to train & control. Look at everyone around you so you can see how easy our handlers are able to control the herd. Most of the people do as they are told so they obediently wear their mask and copy the bullies they hear and see on tv. This false narrative of what the majority of people believe is a fabrication. I do believe people are sick & dying everywhere but I do not believe COVID-19 is the reason for the sickness & death.

The United States of America & the rest of the world are under attack by enemies of freedom who no longer need the large labor force so they made a decision to kill the “extra” people they don’t have a need for. I believe they are very serious in this mission to reduce human population by 75%- 80% immediately just as Prince Charles said. I think they are using all available tools they have at their disposal to eradicate the vermin they see occupying the land they always wanted to control.

You are the only person that can change the direction all of us are on because without your help none of us will survive. Do not believe your actions don’t matter because they matter way more than you understand. Every interaction you have is part of our interconnected world so every action you take does matter. If you do not feel right about something speak up every time and do not let short term financial security dictate your life. The people attacking us plan on taking everything from you anyway so forget about money!




When did Americans decide they will only believe information about the global geopolitical situation if they hear about it from someone on television?

Do Americans realize people who speak to the public on large platforms like the news media have over 300 million reasons to be corrupt and the world is full of people willing to pay them to shape your view of the world. They are no different than politicians or Lobbyists so stop pretending they are professional who work to keep you well informed.

You might have your favorite shows on your favorite station because you believe they are trying to inform you but they are not. This is a game & they are not allowed to say certain things to you & if they cross the line they will lose their jobs quickly. I do think some of them try to hint to get you to think on your own but unfortunately most people don’t get that so they never look.

The biggest threat to you & your family is the lack of information & wrong misinformation & disinformation people tell you intentionally. The UNINFORMED AMERICAN who doesn’t know what threats they are facing will not survive & neither will the country where people lives free from tyranny for a few generations.

The MEDIA is a GLOBAL TERRORIST ORGANIZATION who’s actions harm people all over the world. This criminal organization is responsible for the deaths of millions and soon to be billions of people.

This is the information age so pick up your phone & search for information on your own because the people you think are informing you are doing the opposite.



I grew up in the 1980’s & 1990’s so the school I attended never singled people out for their skin color because it wasn’t acceptable to talk about things that we did & still do consider to be discrimination. When did this change & why did it change? Who decided this was something that needed to be brought back up to the front & center stage? Normal people who aren’t racist would never think about bringing it up so what happened after the year 2000? Share anything you know because I think we need to get to the bottom of this because this does change the perception our children have of the world they live in so this topic is really important to many people including me.

I am aware of a conference about race issues that took place in Africa in the early 2000’s. This conference sticks out in my memory because the first time I read about it earlier this year I thought that was when they started making an issue out of a topic that wasn’t an issue before they started repeating their version over and over and over again. Repeating lies over and over is a proven psychological warfare tactic governments use to manipulate people all over the world. They know if the media repeats the same thing enough times the public will believe the lie after a two month period. After the two month period is over the same people will not believe the truth even if the truth is more plausible because they were successfully brainwashed by the government or other organization that repeated the lie over & over again.

People know we can live with people who are a different race in peace & harmony. This is the normal reaction any civilized person would have when they meet people that are a different race. Wealthy people do not like poor people and poor people do not like wealthy people. These two groups both feel extreme discomfort if they are forced to interact in the same environment. They both need to be fully aware of the difference in socioeconomic class to make this true & actors can always act for the majority of people a huge division in socioeconomic class is very difficult to ignore when interacting with other people. Fear, shame, disgust, anger, resentment, arrogance, superiority & anger can all be emotions people might feel when forced to interact with people that come from a different socioeconomic class.

What happened to all of the wealthy families from the past? Where do they live & who are the modern loyalists to the British Crown? If we don’t answer questions like this we will continue to have these problems like we see in 2020-2021 because I see all of this as as classic socioeconomic class war. Open your eyes & look because the evidence is clear to me. Watch Bloombergs Surveillance for a few hours so you can listen to examples of what I am trying to describe.

Do you think the wealthy people living in the “modern world” would decide to get rid of the working class when their jobs become obsolete because they don’t want to share education, wealth or other resources with them? Who are these wealthy rulers who order people to kill others? Why do so many people follow a coordinated plan to make this happen? Would you believe this is some type of Holy War just like the wars all throughout history?


Global Peasants Alliance

There are so many problems in the world today none of us know what to do anymore. Many people see something is wrong but they are not sure what it is.

My goal is to share information about many topics that the media doesn’t tell us about because I had no idea how corrupt they were until July of 2020.

People need to talk right now more than ever so please do not allow other people you never met to keep you divided you from others. All of us need to speak to other peoplr in our communities. Fitting in with the pack is not an option so speak up.

Americans need to pay attention to things happening outside of our country because the global geopolitical situation is extremely dangerous & China & Russia are not the only threats to our nation. The bigger threat is much closer to home and it is not a civil war so please get informed.

Powerful people stole wealth produced from our labors and used it to fund wars in multiple countries all over the world while they lied about all of it!

The Media is a global terrorist organization that never gave us credible reliable information. They are paid by people who have the resources to fund organizations who influence the people in the most powerful country in the world. They were always corrupt liars none of us should trust!

The “DEEP STATE” are people who are loyal to the British and the descendants of the Noble Class Bankers. The City of London is a financial district in London that controls global finance so they are the most powerful people in the world.

The British Royal family never stopped pursuing their ambition of ruling over everything & everyone in the world.

Read the book titled COVID-19 The Great Reset!